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There are two sets of expectations for a 500-hour Yoga teacher training course. There are the expectations of the teachers who are guiding interns enrolled in the course. There are also a set of expectations on the part of the student, who is choosing a particular instructor training course. Of course, a student must choose a training program wisely and make sure the curriculum and goals of the teacher training course matches his or her professional and personal aspirations. This article will briefly address those expectations of a student who enrolls in a training program.

Enhance Qualities of Character and Commitment

A student who enrolls in a professional level, 500-hour Yoga certification course will obtain a deep abiding level of dedication. This commitment to the inner and outer transformation is due to the cleansing effects of Yogic methodology. A student who enrolls in a professional teacher training course will learn through personal experience of the profound impact within a regular and sustained practice of Yogic techniques and disciplines. The student must also apply him or herself to the thorough study of anatomy, physiology, the subtleties of asana sequencing, Yoga as therapy, the power of mudras, bandhas, chakras, mantras, advanced meditation, and pranayama techniques.

Through sustained practice and focus, the prospective teacher will become more aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses as a teacher trainee. This profound Yogic experience may be humbling and at the same time it is a method for reaching states of clarity. A teacher trainee must stick with this process while learning how to develop and strengthen areas of weaknesses. Interns learn how to balance strength and weakness as a prospective teacher.

Living Yoga in the World

A student who enrolls in a 500-hour Yoga teacher certification course will ultimately learn how to integrate the experience of Yogic practices, both on and off the mat. A professional level teacher training program will bring a student’s personal life into alignment with the basic Yogic tenets taught by Pantanjali. These are the tenets one learns within the Yoga Sutras, such as: self-inquiry, not stealing and truthfulness. If a prospective teacher does not integrate his or her Yogic experiences, wisdom and guidelines into his or her home life, the rasa or bliss of Yoga will slip through the teacher trainee’s hands and will reduce his or her ability to uplift and impact future students in a positive way.

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