yoga teacher trainingBy Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 500

There are a variety of wonderful Yoga teaching opportunities outside of the context of a formal studio. The benefits of a regular practice are becoming widely recognized, and Hatha Yoga is definitely entering the main stream. Due to this general acceptance and appreciation of Yogic exercise, you will find many teaching opportunities available to you that were not previously accessible. There is a growing interest by administrators in schools, hospitals, and prisons to bring the benefits of Yogic practices to their residents. There are even training programs available to Yoga teachers that specialize in bringing the art and practice to these populations.

There is a very strong growing interest in the educational system for bringing Yogic methodology to students of all ages. Yogic methodology has been documented to help students cope better with anxiety, improve their focusing abilities, and heighten a positive sense of self-esteem. Many of today’s students struggle with ADHD, mood swings, and depression. A regular practice will help them to address all of these issues. Incorporating Yoga into a school’s curriculum, or even into the classroom teacher’s daily lesson plan, has become quite popular. If you are a Yoga teacher looking for opportunities to teach and serve outside of a studio, your local school district is a great place to start.

Hospital administrators and physicians are recognizing the profound benefits of a regular Yoga training practice as an adjunct therapy to increase the well-being and health of their patients. Of course, some patients will only be able to do a modified asana practice. Even an asana routine done from a bed or a chair will help to improve muscle tone, coordination, circulation, and generate feelings of optimism. These are very important physical and mental areas to strengthen as a patient recovers from a serious illness or injury. Scheduling a meeting with a hospital administrator about the possibility of bringing Yogic exercise to the hospital’s patients is a great way to facilitate teaching within various medical facilities in your area.

The prison system is another alternative teaching opportunity. There is a movement to bring both meditation and Hatha Yoga practices into the prison system. These practices will help prisoners to regulate their emotions and reactions to various provocations. Additionally, practicing asana, pranayama, and meditation will help prisoners to focus on the positive aspects of life. They will learn the dignity of honoring other people, while generating feelings of well-being in their own bodies and minds. Exploring the possibility of teaching Yoga in your local Juvenile Detention Center or adult correctional facility is a great way to bring the gift of Yogic teachings to an under-served population.

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