yoga and stress reliefBy Sangeetha Saran

Stress relief is in big demand these days. Stress is a part of almost everyone’s life at one time or another. It can affect us psychologically and physically. The negative impacts include headaches, body-aches and a general sense of unease or anxiety. However, if we can learn to channel our energies by using Yoga, we can help lessen the negative toll that stress takes on our bodies. Yoga and stress relief go hand in hand and can help us deal with all kinds of problems, both large and small, that cause havoc in our lives.

The practice of Yoga can give us a sense of accomplishment. Committing to regular practice and then following through with that commitment is empowering. Yogic methods can teach us about physical and emotional strength. Meditation during Yoga can help to calm us down and slow our minds, which often leads to a better sense of self. Stress is often the side effect of hectic and over scheduled lives. The act of slowing down and enjoying the moment through the practice of Yoga can serve as a pleasant reminder to stop and smell the roses. Hatha Yoga can be a wonderful option for people that would like a gentle yet effective way to practice.

Yoga can also help to keep a body limber and strong. Flexibility and strength are two important aspects to a healthy body. The stretching during a Hatha Yoga asana session can help to get the blood flowing through the body and help to release endorphins. Those endorphins directly attribute to making us feel better. Physical activity is an integral part to lowering stress levels and leading a healthier life. Practicing Yoga can be a step in the right direction to maintain a healthy body. Power Yoga can be particularly beneficial for building strong muscles.

There are a number of options available for people who are interested in Yoga. Physically demanding practices such as Hot Yoga (or Bikram) and Power Yoga can help to sculpt muscle and build strength. Hatha Yoga is a more gentle type of practice and is especially good for beginners. As thousands of people from all over the world have found, the correlation between Yoga and stress relief can lead to a more enriched life and an overall healthier lifestyle – two things that are imperative regarding reducing the negative effects of stress.

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