continuing education for yoga teachersBy Jenny Park

Continuing education for Yoga teachers is very important as new information and safer techniques are shared online every day. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, undergoing a few tweaks here and there, but largely staying true to its roots. Poses are sometimes tweaked to suit a certain population of yoga students, and new-aged classes like “Power Yoga” have emerged with their own modern twists. The philosophies have remained intact, and its goals of enlightenment, and a healthy body and mind, have stayed constant. As more and more people are choosing yoga, it is important for yoga teachers to stay current on any issues or concerns surrounding yoga, and to increase their knowledge on all of the historical aspects of yoga.

Continuing Education for the Basics

Topics surrounding the history and philosophies of yoga are vast. Yoga instructors could devote their studies to just learning about important historical figures, yoga’s Indian roots, meditation and breathing, or the differences between modern yoga and classic practices. Yoga teachers will be able to improve their own teaching and practices by becoming more knowledgeable about the entire discipline of yoga.

Continuing Education for Improvement

Continuing education for yoga teachers makes sense when you want to be the best teacher you can be. Learning about pranayama, for example, can increase your understanding of the benefits of deep breathing. You can begin to incorporate more meditation into your classes, or you might choose to specialize in a specific area of interest. Yoga teachers have a lot of choices when it comes to specializing in yoga. Children’s yoga, prenatal yoga, Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga are a handful of the many types of Yoga. Each style offers a unique take on the yogic philosophy, or focuses more on one entity than another.

When you are trying to decide which direction to take your continuing education, don’t limit yourself. Think about the aspects of yoga that interest you the most, or perhaps confuse you. Begin by reading to gain information, or by taking a class, either on-line or in person. If you find yourself in a place where you have lost interest in the topic, or are feeling overwhelmed, step back and take another look at your options. Perhaps you can take your studies in a different direction.

Yoga students want to be confident in their instructor when they attend class. They expect their yoga instructor to be knowledgeable about many different aspects of yoga, or at least know where to access information when necessary. By continuing your studies of yoga, you are ensuring a long career as a yoga instructor, where students learn to improve their lives with the knowledge you present in your classes.

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