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Where does one start with choosing a training program? There are numerous teacher training programs from which to choose if you are considering becoming a certified Yoga instructor. Training programs range in length, curriculum components, residency requirements, cost and geographical location. Training programs also vary depending on the style of Yoga that is presented. Choosing a program that fits your individual style, taste and aptitude is an important first step when you are in the process of choosing a Yoga instructor training program. As you shop for a great teacher training program, taking these considerations into account will help you to make a feasible decision about which training program to embark on.

Many basic certification programs will include core curriculum components covering the basic areas of asana, alignment, physiology, anatomy and Yogic philosophy. Basic certification courses will also usually cover the use of modifications, props and working with special populations. Additionally, most training programs will include basic instructions on meditation, chanting and pranayama exercises. Although the Yogic philosophy that is highlighted in a particular training program may be unique to that program, the broad strokes of the spiritual underpinnings of Yoga practice will be quite similar in all training programs.

The cost of different Yoga teacher training programs is an important consideration for many aspiring instructors. A 200-hour course of study usually ranges from several hundred dollars for online courses up to several thousand dollars for in person training. The schedule and residency requirements of an onsite instructor program will also greatly impact the cost. If you must pay for accommodations and take a month or more off of work to complete the program, the cost will be substantially higher than a program that is held one weekend a month, for several months, in your local area or over the Internet. Some onsite teacher training programs may offer scholarships to committed students who may not be able to afford the full cost of the program.

On a lighter note, there are also a number of premium priced Yoga instructor training programs held in exquisite natural locations, such as Hawaii, the Bahamas, Greece and the Costa Rican rainforest. If you have an affinity for the style of Yoga offered by these training programs, you may wish to inquire as to the length and cost of completing your certification at one of these locations. Many Yoga instructors also choose to obtain their basic level of certification through a local studio or online program, and then pursue a level of certification at one of the more exotic locations mentioned above, when or if one’s budget permits.

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