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After graduating from Yoga teacher training, I look back at where I was when I went to my first class. I was so stressed that it was difficult to get up for work. I was starting to make excuses to avoid leaving my home. Jobs are stressful, but these days, you want to keep the one you have. At the same time, I needed to get some physical activity. Luckily, my friends got me out of the house and into a fitness-based Yoga class.

Some people who start to practice Yoga might do it for the physical benefits, still others wonder about the emotional and mental health benefits. The fact is, there are many reasons why people practice asanas. Some people claim that it can be a life changing experience. And while not all people who practice may say that, there’s no doubt that it can have a positive impact on a person’s life, usually in multiple ways. It can help people to slow down and take stock on what’s happening in their lives as well as help with improving overall health. It is a natural way to both relax and get into better shape.

Most people are aware of the fact that exercise releases endorphins, and those endorphins are what makes us feel good. Yoga training is no exception to that rule. Whether you practice a gentle form of Yogic exercise or challenge yourself to Power Yoga, your body will respond by releasing endorphins. That release can lead to serious mood improvements and overall better emotional health. And with regular practice, stress levels and other negative emotions will start to decrease. All of that can positively affect you in physical ways as well.

Stress doesn’t just take a toll on mental and emotional health, it can also affect you physically. It can lead to weight gain, lower energy levels, and loss of sleep. However, Yoga can help to reverse those changes. It can lead to improvements in cardiovascular health and muscle tone as well as perk up energy levels and promote better sleeping. All of that can obviously have a positive impact on our lives and help us deal with stress and life in general in a better, more focused way.

Many people talk about quality of life and how to improve it. This is important for all people, but especially for those who might be going through or recovering from a serious illness such as cancer or depression. Recent studies have shown that Yoga training may help to improve a person’s quality of life and give them a better outlook. A more positive outlook can be a powerful tool, so it definitely seems there is something that points us to the idea that Yoga can be an important and even life changing experience.

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