500 hour yoga teacher courseBy Sanjeev Patel, CYT 500

There are many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits realized through the consistent practice of Hatha Yoga. Below are five of the physical benefits that students will receive from diligent practice. It is agreed that there are many more benefits that result from regular Hatha Yoga sessions, and I will address them in future articles.

The benefit of controlling prana: Prana is the vital life force that is carried in the air, food water and oxygen. It comes from an infinite source of energy in the universe. Through the practice of breathing, posturing and meditation, more prana is stored in the body.

Through the cultivation of prana, we can become more vitalized, peaceful, and live in better state of health, in body, mind and spirit. Most of us use the benefits of pranic energy without being conscious we are using it. The purpose of Yoga is to use pranic energy consciously to heal and maintain health for themselves or others.

As James Hewtt mentioned in the book “The Complete Book of Yoga,” Yogic energy is called prana, this “is the force behind the renewal of the body cells, and that disease is unlikely to get a hold on a body whose every cell is permeated with pranic energy.”

Some of the symptoms that can improve using pranic energy are: asthma and bronchitis, colds and sinus troubles, nervous tension, neurosis, insomnia, headaches, indigestion, abnormal weight, constipation, and smoking addiction.

Proper body alignment is enhanced in every phase of life. Yoga can help us achieve a better alignment of the spine, walk better, and prevent ailments like: sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, foot pain, and ankle pain. Many of these problems can result from not having a proper alignment.

Hatha Yoga will increase the lubrication in all the joints, ligaments and tendons by practicing the asanas. This fact is pointed out more when a practitioner enters a Yoga teacher training course, but many students have only been trained to focus on the appearance of their muscles.

Physical Yoga practice will Increase flexibility. Asanas (Yoga postures) can act on the various joints of the body including those joints that are not used to being stretched.

Physical forms of Yoga massage all the internal organs. Although massaging vital organs is probably not one of the reasons why someone from the modern world would take Yoga, it is an important thing to mention. Yoga is one of the few body practices that can massage all the organs in the body, including the ones that are hardly stimulated during our entire lifetime. This massaging keeps the organs cleaner and healthier throughout our lives.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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