yoga and meditation for pranaBy April Furanna

The Vagus Nerve…have you heard of it? It is an amazing nerve also known as ‘The Wanderer’ that connects our brain to our body. The nerve starts in the medulla oblongata (portion of the brainstem that controls automatic functions such as breathing, digestion and heart rate), branches up into the brain and goes through the jaw following the digestive tract, branching off at the lungs and heart and continuing down through to the esophagus, the stomach, liver, kidneys and intestines. ‘The Wanderer’ loves food/energy and so it follows the entire digestive system while also receiving some of its nutrients from the different portions of the brain, the heart and the lungs in the form of what is called “Prana” (pure energy).

The Vagus Nerve is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls our relaxation responses. This nerve can become under-developed/deactivated because of the body’s constant state of fight or flight from stress and the anxiety of living in today’s society, which keeps the sympathetic nervous system in ‘survival’ overdrive. The breathing becomes rapid and shallow, the heart rate is increased and digestion becomes impaired. In this particular case, ‘The Wanderer’ is being starved of the essential nutrients it needs to help you survive. This can result in a whole host of chronic illnesses and impairments such as chronic fatigue, headaches, bruxism, breathing disorders (asthma), heartburn, I.B.S., chronic diarrhea or constipation. However, anyone can reactivate their Vagus nerve with simple breathing techniques, meditation and yoga, which can signal the relaxation response and relieves stress in the area of discomfort resulting in a significant decrease in symptoms. Another amazing fact about the Vagus Nerve is its connection to the seven (7) chakras.

These ganglions of nerves branch out to all of the 7 centres. It is my belief that this is the physical proof that chakras actually exist. You may have heard about chakras being described more like Prana or Chi (pure Energy) that store and circulate, which is the non-material energy of these physical centres. Chakras have been described as spiral vortexes associated with different colours and are in control of different strengths and weaknesses within the body, mind and soul. Meditation and breathing into these ‘energy centres’ awakens the kundalini snake (another name for Vagus nerve) and energizes and heals the whole body. So, instead of starving ‘the wanderer,’ feed it with sattvic (pure) food, deep conscious breathing, meditation and yoga to feed it the most pure Prana possible.

Lots of Love,

April Furanna

April Furanna is a self-tested healer of her own Crohn’s disease since 2009. She has her BA in Physical Education and Kinesiology, her Bachelor of Education (2005), is a certified Ayurveda-Yoga therapist (2011-2012), has completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training through Aura Wellness (2013) and is currently completing her Meditation teacher training. April uses Ayurvedic approaches when creating individualized plans for her clients with a focus on proper diet (plant based), yoga, meditation, pranayama, lifestyle, mind/sprit adjustments and modifications. She is currently living in Samara, Costa Rica and is available for in person and/or Skype consultations to develop an individualized program that will provide you with the information needed to live the most optimal quality of life.


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