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Spring brings emergence, growth and external expression. When the dormant winter season comes to a close for the year, your body is ready for action, and it wants to draw upon the accumulated energy of winter. To help your body prepare for spring, you can combine meaningful yoga movements with thought and a cleansing diet.

Meaningful Movements and Thought

You can practice various yoga poses to ready your body for spring. Yoga increases your body’s circulation. The system of exercise also releases toxins and tension. When you complete a yoga practice that includes specific poses, you will cause lymphatic fluids to travel through your body. Lymphatic fluids can boost your immune system and trigger an improvement in your general health. Meaningful movements and actions involving purposeful thought include:

• Basic spinal twist

• Legs overhead

• Meditation and breathing

About the Basic Spinal Twist

When you twist your torso, your vital digestive organs will coil. This action constricts blood flow to your stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines and spleen. The result is that newly oxygenated blood can enter these organs. The pose will also accelerate nutrient elimination and integration into your body to ready you for spring.

About the Legs Overhead Pose

To calm your mind and pump your body’s lymphatic system, practice the legs overhead pose. The position causes fluid to seep from your legs and feet. Furthermore, the action helps to calm your mind, and it allows your lymph fluid to replenish. The legs overhead pose cleans out your body’s immune system to assist the seasonal transition to spring. 

About Meditation and Breathing

Your breath is directly connected to your mind, and by focusing your breathing with meditation; you can use the technique to detoxify your body. In our hectic society, many people experience a continuous state of low-grade stress, which results in a clenched diaphragm. When you have a clenched diaphragm, you are not able to breathe in enough oxygen or expel the proper amount of carbon dioxide. By meditating, you can calm your mind and eliminate negative thoughts. The breathing method also allows you to increase the amount of oxygen that you breathe into your body and the amount of carbon dioxide that you emit from it.

Diet Tips for Spring

Before spring arrives, consider decreasing the amount of heavy, fatty and oily foods that are in your diet. Also, add spicy, astringent and bitter foods, such as sprouts, kale and strawberries, to your diet. Be sure to eat more dark green vegetables and food products that are high in vitamins and nutrients.

Final Thoughts

By practicing essential yoga poses and eating a cleansing diet, you can ready your body for spring. Furthermore, when you use the seasons to adjust your yoga workout, diet and thought process, you can keep your body in tiptop shape throughout the year.

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