how to become a yoga instructorBy Foras Aje

After my interest was sparked a while back in regards to becoming an actual Yoga Instructor (or at least certified to teach it), based on my present schedule and commitments, I looked to see if there were any options online to get a certificate, hence the interest in online classes to teach Yoga.

But how effective are they really?

I would assume the main thing to keep in mind will be to be sure that any choice that one makes on online classes to teach yoga should cover ALL the facets of yoga.

Considering that one will be teaching this ‘art’ of physical culture and with the weight it has on innocent students’ charisma, aura or any other spiritual facet, this factor can’t be overlooked.

Nonetheless, the rewarding part of being a certified yoga instructor is that it could get you as much as $85 per hour AND not unlike online universities, you can get your certificate right at home.

Some sites seem to offer good instructions on online classes to teach yoga and I tend to size them up based on the fact that such options would have to contain comprehensive instruction in all of the following areas to be worthwhile.

These include: * Asanas

* Yoga philosophy & methodology

* Chakras

* Bandhas

* Mudras

* Pranayama

* Meditation and Relaxation

* Working with special populations

Right now I’m looking at two main choices to formally certify my teaching skills and make me some money out of something that I actually enjoy, I mean why not eh?

Here’s to improved and improving health through Yoga.


Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Yoga for Beginners Blog today for more information on yoga certification online.

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