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Yoga for Athletes
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April 27, 2015
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August 20, 2010 - 9:48 pm
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Yoga 101 - Yoga Exercises For Sports Athletes
By Wendy Prescott

One of the most typical misguided beliefs regarding yoga is always that it is just not suitable for players or for men and women who are big sports enthusiasts. In spite of this, the truth of the matter is that yoga can be very beneficial for them although it is not at all as demanding as the other movements that they may necessarily do. Here are some of the key benefits of yoga exercises for athletes.

It allows athletes to increase the sturdiness of their stomach muscles. The movements may very well be sluggish, but they are good for toning the mid-section. Furthermore there may also be a lot of isometric contractions which can help enhance the core.

Another benefit of yoga for athletes is that it enhances their flexibility. There are particular types of yoga activities that can help the entire body to become more bendable. It doesn't only make it easy for sports athletes to perform a lot better at their sport activity, it also makes it possible for them to dodge preventable muscle pains that could develop into a far more severe, career-ending circumstance. Seeing that flexibility and range of flexibility go hand-in-hand, athletes may also be in a position to move a lot better by engaging in yoga exercises.

Yoga can also improve balance. All of the athletes should have a fantastic sense of balance so that they will be able to play at their finest. This mustn't be taken lightly especially by sports athletes who are somewhat buffed. As quirky as it might seem, there are occasions where in if the total body physique has unequal muscles here and there, they may find it difficult to find their sense of balance.

Yoga for athletes can also enable them to greatly improve their breathing routine. It doesn't matter much if they are into golf or pro wrestling, all athletes should be aware of the ideal yogic breathing. It prevents athletes from running out of breath and it enables them to put up with strenuous activities longer.

Yoga for athletes is also a great way to change their regular exercise routines. If athletes do the exact exercise routine throughout the year, it is highly possible that they will fall off the wagon simply because of monotony. It can also be a great way to balance the exercises that the body receives since it is more slow and laid back. Here are more useful yoga health tips at


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April 27, 2015
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September 27, 2010 - 5:46 pm
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Achieving Fitness Through Yoga
By Lito Racho

Do you want to achieve fitness through non-exhaustive means? Surely by now, you have encountered a number of exercise videos or even attended some, but always find it too exhausting for you. So chances are, you have quit the whole thing and resolved to diet but you may not be the person who can simply give up eating. Have you tried slimming pills, as well? If your budget is tough enough to handle it, opting for pills may be out of hand for you. If you are determined to stay healthy, you can try doing some yoga.

So what is yoga all about? This is the opposite of your typical aerobics routine where you are required to do repetitive actions until you begin to sweat, get tired and hungry. If you are not watchful, you will just end up eating and drinking to replace all the lost calories and bodily fluids which defeat the purpose. This happens somehow to some people.

Yoga, on the other hand, does not require you to do repetitive routines. In fact, you are unlikely to get tired doing yoga because the routines used here encourage relaxation. You breath in, breath out. No sweat. You do a couple of stretching here and there and even meditate. Soon you will achieve a state of relaxation. So, does this make it any better than any other kinds of exercise? Not exactly. The truth is, this can be combined with other exercises. It can serve as a warm-up or cooling-down exercise. For warm-ups, all that stretching can help your body prepare for a rough routine of aerobics. Yoga can be good for people who can't be exposed to tedious workouts because of medical reasons like people with heart ailments, especially.

If you use yoga for warm-ups, this will reduce chances of physical injury to your self. Continuous practice of Yoga affords a lot of benefits. Cardiovascular activities improve and other forms of exercises become a lot easier to perform because of all that stretching. Your body becomes well-adjusted to different stresses which is something that other types of exercise are good at.

So, when is the best time to start yoga? Anytime would be a great time. Just like any other form of exercise, the earlier you start the better your body gets adjusted to it and the earlier your body benefits from it. Yoga can be very effective when combined with proper diet. Never underestimate those slow stretching moves you see if you are a * aerobics enthusiast. This form of exercise would not have lasted if it did not provide the same benefits as aerobics.

Because relaxation is a strong point of yoga, it can work out as a stress management routine. And you don't have to worry about getting injured unless you really get hit by bad luck.

Yoga studios are available almost anywhere, each with its own specialty. The place is a good spot to spend during weekends after a week spent at the office or school. You get to relax and exercise at the same moment although the term exercise is barely used by yoga instructors as most people usually associate it with tedious exercise routines.

Yoga practitioners, both old and new, get a treat every World Yoga Practice Month. Yoga studios offer discount rates for an entire month and if you are in for a long leave at work. You can spend an entire month doing Yoga. So you would be relaxing for an entire month? How safe is yoga? Compared with other exercises, yoga is very safe to the point that pregnant women can do it too. Body builders need a time to relax their muscles and yoga would be the perfect thing to do. But most importantly, yoga can improve the overall performance of your body.

A Registered Nurse and Freelance Writer.


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April 27, 2015
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September 27, 2010 - 5:47 pm
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Yoga - The No-Sweat Fitness Program
By Lito Racho

So the deal is, you stay fit while doing some strange poses and respiratory exercises. You are going to do subtle movements to improve your health and fitness. If and when you are looking for an exercise routine that doesn't require you to break a sweat while improving your overall body functions, then yoga is for you. What can this exercise that promotes relaxation do for you?

A lot. You can drastically improve your odds against getting injuries. Aerobics based exercises required you to do sudden movements which is in contrast to yoga's subtle movements. You don't do repetitive moves like most aerobics routines where you count from 1 to 8 then reverse that count until you get back to your original position. Positions in yoga come in many forms, perhaps, as many as the human body would allow.

Aerobics, whether you like it or not, will make you break sweat which of course also has its good points because toxins are flushed out of the body. This is why many Yoga studios actually combine both techniques. There is a balance between the two. Yoga might as well serve as a warm-up routine for aerobics because of the nature of the exercise. You stretch your body to its limits, therefore, preparing it for a series of strenuous activities.

Yoga can also serve as a cooling-down exercise routine. By the moment you finish, you can hit the shower and head home. Practitioners of yoga also get the benefit of a month-long discount during World Yoga Practice Month. Studios offer cuts on service charges. You might be wondering now if aerobics dedicates a month to itself for the aerobics audience.

If you want to exercise in the morning and still maintain your energy for work, again yoga can come into play as a substitute for aerobics if that is what you have in mind. A thirty-minute yoga work out before going to school or work should get you set because your body organs are prepped to handle the workload outside the home.

Yoga can be a great alternative for people who really cannot do heavy exercises due to medical reasons. Also, people who get stressed a lot can do this. Remember that one of the specialties of yoga is getting the person to relax. Of all types of exercise routines, yoga can have the biggest crowd. People with physical impairments can do it too, but perhaps on a limited scale. Still, it can be done.

Yoga can be done anywhere as long there is space and you can have a peace of mind. Your living room or backyard can serve as a place to do some yoga. You don't have to go to an expensive gym crowded with all sorts of exercise equipment. The noise that these things make can be annoying for some people.

Doing yoga regularly, combined with proper diet will no doubt keep you healthy. Yoga mostly comprises stretching, breathing, and meditation. Are they more effective than sprinting, weight-lifting or jogging? It depends on what you plan to achieve aside from health benefits. Of course, yoga will not develop your muscles like weight-lifting. But weight-lifters find yoga beneficial, too. All that heavy lifting strains the muscles and those need to be relaxed later.

Yoga does not need heavy machinery except perhaps a soft floor rug to perform on. Your body alone is enough to do the exercise, as long as you know the different routines. Yoga can be done either in solo or in groups. Anyone can do it anywhere and anytime, as long as the opportunity is there.

A Registered Nurse and Freelance Writer.

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