Learn to Market Yourself: Learn everything you can about marketing and take charge of it. This will be one of your most expensive overhead costs, especially when you do any paid advertising. In a small “mom and pop” type business, you can’t afford to ignore marketing and advertising costs.

If you already have the money, you can delegate it to someone else. However, you really should take charge of bringing new students in. Since this is your business, you will be more concerned with your numbers and return-on- investment than anyone else. Ignoring your marketing tasks, statistics, return-on-investment, and techniques is a classic way to be out of the Yoga business.

Start Teaching Part Time: This will keep your overhead down and there are many opportunities that most active Yoga teachers are not aware of, as I have mentioned in the bonus book How to Grow Your Own Successful Yoga Business.

Continuing Education: To become a certified Hatha Yoga instructor is one thing, to stay at the top of your game is quite another. You should still keep your practice sharp, but you should also expand your knowledge of Chakras, Mudras, Yogic philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.

Luckily, the Camp-in-a-Box has plenty of material to keep you going after graduation.

There are plenty of online Yoga homestudy courses and we are developing some of our own as I write, but there are also workshops, seminars, state or province wide Yoga teacher associations, videos, trade magazines, and books.

With all of these options — there is now, no excuse to stagnate.

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