500 hour yoga teacher certification courseBy Amruta Kulkarni

A warm up incorporated in the yoga class is very valuable that the postures are easily attained.  The joints are loosened and the muscles warmed by stretching and by increasing the circulation of blood warm ups also reduce the risk of pulling muscles or injuring a joint during the yoga class warm ups also reduce the risk of stiffness in the muscles and joints after a yoga session.

The palm tree posture in this posture the body is help upright like the trunk of a tree back straight, head is level with the legs and feet together the arms are raised straight up alongside the ears the backs of the hands are facing each other, inhaling deeply, raise high on the toes, stretching the arms and body upwards as far as possible holding the stretched up position for a few seconds then lower the heels to the floor exhaling completely.

The head roll: This exercise can be performed standing or sitting keeping the back straight and the neck muscles as relaxed as possible. Never tilt the head back in this exercise. Picture the head on a clock dial, but never tilt back to 6 o’clock and turn backward. Start your forward rotation at 6 o’clock, slowly roll the head loosely in a clockwise direction, stop at 6 o’clock, and then reverse in an anticlockwise direction, carefully keeping the rotation of the head very slow, and smooth inhaling deeply exhaling completely during the movement the head roll removes stiffness from the neck muscles.

Helicopter standing (also called arm swings): You can start with feet hip width apart, raise the arms slowly, swinging both the arms across the upper body one way then the other way the heel lifts of the ground when the arms sway to the opposite side of the body twisting only the upper part of the body keeping the hips steady one way looking all the way behind you if you can depending on each individuals flexibility. Now, go the other way breathing deeply and exhaling completely starting slowly with arms and gradually increasing the tempo gently tap at each side of the body this is a gentle and effective a stimulating massage to the kidneys twisting the spine and neck warming up the upper body.

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