purposes of power yogaBy Faye Martins

What are the purposes of power yoga? The term ‘power yoga’ is a reference to a vigorous, fast-paced, and physical form of vinyasa-style yoga. It is a Westernized version of Ashtanga, which became very common in mid-1990. It is often referred to as a “heated” form of yoga and is more commonly seen as a ‘workout’ then other types of yoga.

Power yoga is very different from yogic methodology in the traditional sense. It has less focus on mediation, but the integration of breathing is still very apparent, as the series of poses are connected together with deep breathing. It places a greater influence on strength and flexibility, as the poses are held for a more extended period of time. As it is fast-paced, it integrates more cardio than many of the sub-Hatha styles. The power style can also be more physically challenging, especially for beginning students. People who are fit and mobile are attracted to it. The way power yoga is practiced can also vary greatly by class and instructor, as there are many ways to interpret and combine the movements. The beginning of power yoga training sessions is best spent doing some simpler exercises while warming up the muscles and entire body to prevent strain or injury.

Though the challenge of performing asanas may be great, the benefits are great as well. Since the transitions of the poses are heavily connected to breathing, this physical style greatly improves concentration and focus. The poses are held for a lesser amount of time than usual, meaning improved endurance, flexibility (through repetition), and promoting greater self-discipline through physical challenges. The high-powered energy and movement is a great release for built up stress, anxiety, or anger. The exercise tones your body better due to more calories burned and a faster metabolism from the movements and is a good option for weight loss. Because of the high-energy movements you are more likely to sweat more, which is a great way to release toxins in your body. This form of yoga is also an excellent option for athletes who are looking to train their body for a special event.

The power style may be very unique in some aspects, but the deep-rooted purposes of power yoga are the same as traditional styles: it aims to deeply connect the mind, body, and spirit. It is a great practice to promote overall health and a great challenge to all the ‘traditional’ yogis out there. With time, it can help you achieve unity and peace throughout your life.

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