Kids Yoga for Academic PerformanceBy Kimaya Singh

The value of kids yoga for academic performance has been proven. Yet some people ask, “Could the focus and concentration in a kids yoga class lead toward academic improvements?” Although many children enjoy school and learning, it can also be undoubtedly stressful. However, using kids Yoga for improved academic performance can help to decrease stress levels that children often experience. The positive side effect of less stress often means better learning occurs. Stress can have a number of adverse effects on the body, including physical manifestations such as aches and pains. On a mental level, stress and anxiety hamper concentration, while a child experiences inability to focus on his or her studies. Yoga can help kids find focus so that they can more easily retain knowledge. High stress levels can negatively impact the learning process. But lowering stress can definitely be advantageous to students.

Since stress can affect kids of all ages, finding a technique that alleviates it is very important. Yogic practices can help kids learn to calm down while helping to instill a sense of focus that can be channeled in stressful situations. Poor academic performance can have an adverse effect on a child’s self esteem. Improving grades and giving students a better sense of accomplishment can help to improve self-esteem issues and may help to prevent other issues, such as depression. Using Yoga to decrease stress is a viable and positive option.

Kids yoga for academic performance is a lifestyle change. Incorporating Yogic exercise into a student’s lifestyle can have a beneficial effect in the classroom through better learning and higher test scores. High levels of stress are not conducive for learning, at least for most people. Breathing techniques, learning the correct postures and poses and the added benefit of meditation are just a few of the positive attributes of Yoga training. All of those techniques can help create a sense of well being, therefore helping kids become more open to learning. Improving concentration is one of the direct pathways to learning and using Yoga as a tool to enhance concentration is something that almost anyone can do.

Kids yoga for academic performance has been subject to studies and research. There have been a number of studies that have shown the calming effects of Yogic methodology both for children and adults. Using kids Yoga for improved academic performance can aid students by relieving stress and its negative side effects. Guiding students to become better educated can have a direct impact on helping them build a pathway to a better life. Clearing the mind through asanas and meditation can help students learn more both inside and outside the classroom.

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