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Kids today (much like adults) are bombarded with all different types of messages regarding their bodies. Creating and maintaining confidence in children can be difficult sometimes. Practicing kids Yoga to improve body image issues is an option that is quickly becoming more popular in schools, health clubs, and Yoga studios. A negative body image can happen to any child, at any time regardless of weight or age. It can lead to a severe lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy, which can also lead to depression. But kids that learn to practice Yoga can often be taught to overcome negative feelings or to avoid them entirely in relation to their body.

Sports and other forms of exercise can obviously help a child establish healthy habits. Yet, some kids don’t like competition or fear that they can’t keep up with regular exercise. Yoga can be a positive and viable alternative to more mainstream sports for kids. After all, Yoga is unlike other forms of exercise. It is not a contact sport, nor is it considered high impact. But it does offer the chance for a child to learn and grow without the added pressure of competition. Sometimes, the thought of competition can scare kids a little, especially if they are already grappling with a negative body image. Yoga can be used to help instill a sense of calm and confidence that other forms of exercise can’t accomplish.

It is important to note that body image perceptions in children are not limited to kids that are overweight. Although it is quite common to have a negative body image when kids are obese, it should be recognized that even children of normal height and weight could also suffer from negative body image. Children who are thin are also easy targets for bullies. The important thing for parents is to help prevent the negative feelings from happening by being proactive or to treat the issue seriously by helping your child to learn how to become more self-confident and less self-critical.

Kids Yoga is a valuable tool that can be taught to children of any age, regardless of fitness level. It can help establish healthy habits while encouraging gentle body movements and stretching. Kids Yoga can have a positive and lasting effect and can help by establishing building blocks that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Using kids Yoga to improve body image is something that can teach children to respect their bodies.

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