online yoga teacher educationBy Jenny Park

What is online yoga teacher education? Sometimes, a yoga enthusiast might think to themselves how wonderful it would be to truly make yoga the center of their lives through the path of becoming a yoga teacher, but then reality sets in as they realize that they won’t be able to pack up for India or the nearest large city anytime soon. The internet may be the answer for these passionate individuals. Distance education in every field has improved dramatically in the past 10 and 20 years, and now it’s possible to get a comprehensive education in yoga from truly anywhere in the world.

The first concern prospective students often have is that they will miss out on the connectivity and community feeling of a face to face course as opposed to an internet based program. Nothing could be further from the truth, and in many cases there is better communication and connection between students and instructors in an online setting. Quality online yoga teacher education programs will provide virtual areas for students and teachers to message and interact with each other, and the best part about this type of setup is that it’s not tied down to a specific schedule. Everyone jumps in and responds to a discussion at the time that’s right for them. In this way, groups of people from all different walks of life from all over the world can come together in a spirit of learning, encouraging each other when needed. Bringing people together is what yoga is all about, so this is actually an ideal setting!

Another concern potential online students have is that there will be a stigma associated with having earned their credentials online. That might have been the case even a decade ago, but not now. There are far too many bright, skilled individuals who have earned credentials and degrees online for it to be much of a consideration these days. With skill based disciplines like yoga, it’s unlikely to even come up at all. All your future students will care about is your knowledge and what you can do for them.

The future of online yoga teacher education is bright, and you can be a part of it today. If you have a passionate desire to reach out and touch the lives of others through the power of yoga, a world class yoga education is just a click away.  Many experienced yoga instructors take online courses for continuing education credits.  Regardless of the reason, online yoga teacher training is a good solution for today’s schedule.

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