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Twisting Yoga poses help the body to detoxify and re-energize. Twisting Yoga poses gently compress the internal organs. This compression helps to move freshly oxygenated blood throughout the entire body. Physical sluggishness and mental cloudiness are both indications that the body is carrying unnecessary toxins and waste substances. A well-rounded practice of Yoga poses will help to invigorate and detoxify both the body and mind. Twisting Yoga asanas are particularly effective for increasing digestive health. They also help to relieve tension and increase your energy level.

Twisting Yoga poses work by compressing and decompressing many of the internal organs that are involved with the digestive process. Some of these organs include the liver, kidneys, pancreas, small and large intestines, and the colon. As these digestive organs are flushed out, the toxins are also flushed out. There are also supplements, herbs and detoxifying teas available today that will further assist the body in detoxifying. If you practice twisting Yoga poses regularly, your digestive system will work more efficiently, you will experience more mental acuity and your immune system will be stronger. The strength of the immune system is directly related to the health of the digestive system.

Sage Twist – Marichyasana Pose

Sage Twist or Marichyasana is a great twisting Yoga asana for massaging the entire abdominal area including the spleen, liver and intestinal tract. This pose will also help to relieve lower back pain that is caused by muscular tension and pressure on the sciatic nerve. Performed with correct alignment, Marichyasana will help the spine to stay properly aligned and flexible.

To practice Sage Twist, warm-up first with a series of Sun Salutations and standing poses. Seated Yoga asanas are usually practiced towards the end of a Yoga session. Seated poses help the body to cool down, increase flexibility and turn the attention inward in preparation for Shavasana. After you have practiced a series of Sun Salutations and standing Yoga asanas, come to a sitting position on your mat with your legs straight out in front of you.

Place your right foot flat on your Yoga mat and 4-6 inches away from your left knee with your right knee pointing straight up in the air. Place your right hand directly behind your sacrum with your palm facing down and your fingers pointing towards the back of your mat. Take one full breath and with your next inhale, extend your left arm into the air. With your next exhale, bring the outside of your left elbow to the outside of your right knee with your fingers together and pointing towards the ceiling.

Gently apply pressure against your right knee with your left elbow to increase the intensity of the pose. As you apply pressure, exhale, as you release the pressure, inhale. Continue to hold the pose for five to ten breaths. To come out of the pose, release your left elbow and your right arm as you place your right leg back down on your mat. Pause for a moment to feel the effects of the pose and repeat on the other side.

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