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Can yoga improve your eyesight? It may be surprising, but with persistence and patience, eyesight can be drastically improved through the therapeutic use of yoga. Steadily, more and more yoga practitioners are using yoga to improve eyesight. Around the world, myopia, or nearsightedness, and hyperopia, farsightedness, have become epidemics in the past years, as well as other eye problems. Over 70 million Americans suffer from myopia alone, or about 25% of adult Americans.

One of the main keys to improving eyesight with yoga is to have a relaxed state of mind. Relaxation, eye cleansing, simple eye exercises and meditation can all improve vision and treat eyesight defects drastically. One thing that is also necessary is to abandon all the preconceived notions about how eyesight works. Much of how of this process works is not only in the eyes, but in the brain. Many people also tend to abuse their eyes by straining, squinting and overuse of the television and computers. Focusing on anything for too long is dangerous to the eyesight.

Methods to Improve Your Eyesight

Basic yoga exercises can encourage oxygen to be supplied to the eyes and can help keep the eye muscles toned and elastic. Some simple exercises include palming, contracting, blinking, massaging and shifting, all of which need to be done in a relaxed way, coupled with deep breathing. Any tension will only delay progress, or even further damage the eyes. Blinking is essential, keeping the eyes moist, free of tension as well as increases circulation. Looking up and down, side to side and clockwise are all ways to sooth and strengthen the eye muscles.

Cleaning to eyes with an eye wash cup can be a wonderful way to naturally improve eyesight and is very popular amongst the yogi community. One way to clean the eyes that has been in use for centuries is using a gentle solution which includes eyebright, the herb and flower, goldenseal, fennel seed, red raspberry leaf and cayenne pepper. This herbs clean, sooth and stimulate the eyes.

Some meditation techniques include focusing on the third eye, seeing clearly in the mind’s eye and using a technique called palming, which involves placing warm palms over the eyes and breathing deeply.

These techniques can seem like they are quite slow to work, but they do take patience and dedication. They will help to take away eye strain, tension, and will make the eyes stronger and healthier.

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