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If you are a yoga teacher, you should know how to purge negative emotions. It is no secret that emotions affect how we feel. Everyone has been in a mood where they do not have the desire or the strength to do a thing. If you’ve ever seen someone who is depressed on a television show or movie, what are the chances they are in their pajamas eating a pint of Rocky Road? We find it amusing because it is so true! Emotions can weigh you down and make you feel worthless at times. Negativity preys on the mind and spreads to the body from head to toe. It is not a fun way to feel at all. Regular yoga training is an excellent form of emotional release, should you so choose to go that route.

It is true that any type of yoga will benefit us in countless ways. If you are seeking emotional outlet and happiness then there are certain asanas that will promote that. Strangely certain emotions reside in certain areas of the body. Some are obvious, such as love being in the heart. Others you’d be surprised about, like anger in your sides and stress on your back, even worry in your shoulders. Most people know this deep down because they will say things like, “Wow, that news hit me like a ton of bricks!”

One point I noticed, while visiting Aura Wellness Center, is the extra ordinary amount of time people spend on pranayama, asana, mudra, and meditation for therapeutic reasons. If you took a yoga teacher training course from them I want to point out Pyramid, which is also known as Prasarita Padottanasana I and Wide Legged Forward Fold. You may have seen it on the beginner lesson plan for Yoga teachers. This asana alone aligns the spine and draws out any compression. When spending time with Paul and Marie, they pointed out specific types of pranayama (Nadi Shodhana and Dirgha), which brought about states of euphoria (there are many more). It was like somebody instantly smothered me with happiness. That experience alone made me a believer.

Asanas to Promote Happiness

It’s best to begin with lower body yoga asanas that promote stability. When we are stable we can move forward with confidence. Warrior, Pyramid Triangle, Pyramid Airplane and Mountain poses are perfect examples. From there practice asanas that allow you to conquer. When you overcome an obstacle it creates pride in yourself which in turn breeds happiness. Yoga teachers should be encouraging and congratulatory even if the pose is not executed at its best.

Finally, it’s best to partake in some extra relaxing asanas that allow for reflection, relaxation, and focus. Child’s pose, seated twist, knees to chest and like poses are optimums. As a yoga instructor you should coach your students to positivity as they relax and release the negativity; remind them they are in charge, they can do anything, and that they can create their own happiness. Positivity breeds more positivity; that is what anyone will experience when taking a forward approach to emptying themselves of the negative and filling back up with wonderful thoughts.

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