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Prenatal yoga offers a host of benefits for women. Pregnancy is an important time for women to be as healthy as possible as their babies grow and change inside them for nine months. Exercise is an important component of overall health and should not be overlooked during pregnancy. Many women choose yogic exercise because it is a gentle and low-impact way to keep their bodies agile and strong. Meditation and breathing techniques help reduce stress and increase blood flow to the fetus. Women can also learn specific postures and breathing that will benefit them during labor and delivery.

Private prenatal yoga sessions are a popular choice among women because they can practice in the privacy of their own home with the individual attention of the instructor each step of the way. Instructors must be sure to be attuned to the needs and desires of each pregnant client. They should pay special attention to a number of factors when teaching private prenatal sessions.

Medical History

Yoga teachers must be sure to get a complete medical history from pregnant clients, making sure to go over the details of the pregnancy. Is it a first pregnancy? Does the woman fall into a high-risk category due to age or another issue? Is she in good health overall? Is she a beginner or has she practiced yoga training before? Instructors must know and understand the complete background to avoid putting her at risk for injury.

A Quiet Location

When you are teaching private sessions, make sure to ask the client to find a quiet spot in the home that will be free from distractions. If the student has other young children, she should consider having them under the care of someone else during the yoga session.

Client Desires

The next step is to talk to your client about what she wants to accomplish with prenatal yoga. Maybe she wants to focus solely on releasing stress and providing a comforting environment for her growing baby. Maybe she specifically wants to loosen the hips for an easier birth. Talk to her about specific results she would like to see from the practice.


The safety of the students is always top priority for yoga instructors. It becomes even more important when dealing with pregnant women. Yoga teachers need to make sure their clients are drinking plenty of water, not pushing themselves too far and not performing poses that will put the baby at risk. The risky poses will change depending how far along in the woman’s pregnancy.

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