teach yoga to golfersBy Kimaya Singh

How can we teach Yoga to golfers? Golf centers, courses and retail stores can be found almost everywhere. Golf is a popular game that seems to involve hitting a small ball into a small hole. True golfers know it is much more than that. It’s a game of great skill and precision, great concentration and focus. Many golfers complain of lower back pain due to the twisting of the spine during each swing. Yoga training can be an effective way to strengthen the core, loosen the spine and improve any golfer’s focus. Private yoga sessions for golfers might be the key to their success on and off the course.

Focus and Visualize

One of the most important aspects of golf involves being able to focus, visualize and block outside stimuli while making your shot. Golfers rely on the body’s memory of the perfect swing to perform for each hole. When golfers are distracted by noises, anxiety, the weather or other distractions it affects the way they swing. When you teach Yoga to golfers, you can also teach them important breathing techniques to reduce anxiety or meditation and visualization techniques to use each time they make a shot.

Stretch the Low Back

Many golfers complain of lower back pain due to the repeated twisting of the spine during a swing. Yoga teachers should plan a routine that includes plenty of stretches targeting the lower back and hamstring muscles to provide relief.

Balance the Body

A golfer’s swing involves continual twisting of the spine which causes the muscles on one side of the spine to develop more than the other side. Asana practice can help golfers by providing balance to each side of the body. Stability and flexibility in the hips and spine will help the golfer’s overall game.

Strengthen the Core

Core strength is a key component to athletes engaging in many sports including golf. Since the spine is worked quite heavily while swinging, a strong core will keep the spine straight and also help to take some of the burden off the spine. Yoga instructors should make sure to include poses that will strengthen the core muscles.

Stay Focused on the Golfer

When teaching private Yoga training sessions to golfers; remember that they have specific goals and desired outcomes related to better performance on the golf course. Unless the client has specified other needs, keep the routine focused on poses that will help them perform as a golfer. As clients make progress and see positive results, perhaps they will approach you with the desire to enhance their yoga practice even further. If you decide to teach Yoga to golfers, there will be many rewards.

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