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There is one myth that’s quickly debunked in a chair yoga teacher training. The truth is chair yoga is for people of all ages and not just seniors. Practicing yoga techniques in a chair can be seen in offices, rehabilitation centers, and schools. However, let’s look at teaching yoga and asanas you can teach in an office setting that has no space for a studio.

Sitting in an office chair all day every day can take its toll on a body. You might feel stiffness and tension in the neck and shoulders, your lower or upper back may be sore, or you might just feel sleepy and lethargic by the time afternoon rolls around. Yoga can help work out the kinks and give you an extra boost of energy to get you through your workday without even leaving your chair.

Eagle Arms

Prevent carpal tunnel and strengthen the back, shoulders and triceps with this twisty pose. Sit straight in your chair with your knees together, your feet planted firmly on the floor and your spine straight. Hold both arms in front of you, bending at the elbows and forming a right angle with the fingers pointing up. Cross the upper portion of the right arm under the left and wrap the lower right arm across the left arm, touching both palms together if possible. Hold for a few deep breaths then switch sides.


Use your chair for leverage as you gently twist the spine from side to side. Sit erect, with your feet on the floor. Rest your hands on the arms or seat of the chair. Slowly twist your upper torso to the back of the chair, leading with the right shoulder. Grab onto the chair for support and to intensify the stretch. Hold for a few breaths and repeat by twisting to the other side.

Thread the Needle

Rest one leg on top of the opposite knee, flexing both feet up towards the body. Pull up on the resting leg by threading one arm through the hole you created with your bent knee and wrapping the other arm on the outside of that thigh. Lean back in your chair and feel the stretch. Breathe deeply and switch sides.

Restorative Pose

While it might seem like you’ve checked out for a nap, a few minutes of practicing any form of restorative yoga training and its relaxing  asanas can add to your overall productivity for the rest of the day. To practice this asana, simply place your arms on your desk and rest your head on top of them with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply, clear your mind and let your thoughts be light for a few minutes. Visualize yourself in a calm and relaxing place. Take a few moments to just let go. To get yourself back to reality, open your eyes for a few breaths and slowly raise your head.


I realize some yoga instructors don’t want to encourage the the use of props or chairs and some would never consider teaching classes in the corporate sector. Some teachers may think “that is not what I had in mind when I decided to become a yoga instructor.” My answer is: That’s okay, but please keep in mind that there are people with needs. If office workers have forward thinking companies, but they don’t have space, there is still a way to teach yoga in their facilities.

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