500 hour yoga certification online courseBy: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed

Many people seek out increased creativity in their lives. This desired creativity may come in the form of a more fulfilling personal life, professional life or a variety of traditional artistic endeavors. A higher degree of creativity can allow us to think “outside the box” and enable us to solve problems in such a way that the solution naturally increases our well-being. The practice of Yoga offers teachers and students a varied and effective set of tools for effectively increasing the flow of prana or life force energy throughout the body and mind. A regular practice of Yoga poses and pranayama exercises will dramatically release deeply held tension and stress and will fill you with vibrant energy and a scintillating lightness of being.

This state of energy and lightness will offset the physical and mental lethargy of tamas.

“Tamas” is a Sanskrit term for a heavy, dense state of being. Too much tamas can result from a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress, and mental worry. Releasing physical tension, stress and unnecessary worrying, through a regular practice of Yoga asanas, will help to naturally increase the vibrancy and intensity of your creative ideas. By increasing your physical well-being, boosting your energy level and increasing your ability to focus through a regular Yoga practice, you will be more able to allow the creative juices to flow. You will also have ample inner resources to manifest your own creative visions.

* Chandra Namaskara or Moon Salutations

Chandra Namaskara or the Moon Salutations are a wonderful series of flowing Yoga asanas that will increase the circulation of fresh oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and mind, bringing with it fresh ideas and an abundance of energy. The Moon Salutations are very similar to Sun Salutation A. The two primary differences are the slower pace of the Moon Salutations and dropping the back knee to the Yoga mat when you are in Warrior I Pose. Please refer to a professional Yoga website or instructional book for a detailed description of all of the poses comprising Sun Salutation A.

To practice the Moon Salutation, begin by moving through Sun Salutation A. When you reach Warrior I Pose, drop your back knee to the Yoga mat. With an inhale, extend your arms behind your head to the full extent of your reach. Keep your hands in Prayer Position and arc your body in a similar contour as a crescent moon. The internal work or dharana of the asana is to envision the cool nectar of the bliss of the full moon entering your Crown Chakra as you extend into the fullness of the pose. Hold this pose for three to five complete breaths, and with your next exhale, drop your hands back to the mat and move quietly and contemplatively into Downward Facing Dog.

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