A well designed lesson plan, containing warm ups, sun salutations, asanas (Yoga postures), pranayama, and meditation. You can substitute a stage by stage relaxation sequence for the meditation segment of your Yoga class.

Suggested Sequence of Asana Series: sun salutations, standing, seated, cat or table, prone, and supine. There are many other options, but this gives you a basic guideline.

Inversions are fine, but remember that they are not wise in the case of certain medical conditions. In extreme cases of high blood pressure or an aneurysm, inverted asanas can be life threatening.

You should mention modifications for Yoga postures and contraindications. Be especially aware to give warnings for high blood pressure or pregnancy. If you have students with special conditions in the audience, you should mention any modifications and contraindications that apply. You do not have to point that student out.

If a student has difficulty holding a pose, feel free to make an assist. However, make sure you demonstrate an asana long enough for your visual Yoga students.

You should convey a feeling of compassion for your students.

Do not look or stare at your notes. We strongly suggest that you get used to teaching Yoga classes without notes. You may use them through your Yoga teacher training process, but they look unprofessional when you teach a Yoga class.

Lastly, select good background music that will motivate or calm your students, depending upon the task.