The on-site practical exam is an excellent option. Many Yoga Teacher graduates prefer the preparation and live feedback they get after their on-site practical exam session.

Below are the steps and procedures for an on-site practical exam.

1. Set a date with us. Right now, we need at least 30 days notice to schedule you in. There are no exams on holiday weekends. You should be at AURA – 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time. Your class may have beginners in the audience.

2. Have your Yoga class lesson plan ready. Your lesson plan should be geared toward beginners, have warm ups in the beginning, asanas, pranayama, and relaxation or meditation at the end of the class.

3. You have the option to have a Pre-Lesson Plan Review. This consists of going through your lesson plan with Paul Jerard and/or senior members of the faculty at a scheduled time before your exam. For interns, this a great way to “break the ice” before an exam. This process usually takes an hour or a little more. (Call 508-222-0092 for fees)

4. Practical exam test fee. This does not include a pre- lesson plan review. The total for a practical exam and a one hour Pre-Lesson Plan review (Contact an Aura Representative for Pricing)

Let us know, if you have a particular week for your on-site Yoga teacher practical exam date. We will do our best to find an open time slot, so please schedule early.