By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

When we teach a Yoga class, there are many things to remind our students of. We want to be sure that everyone attending our Yoga class receives the best possible experience. Let’s look at a short list of topics that will help your students on there journey of self-discovery.

“Being present for practice,” and “living in the moment,” seem like worn out slogans, at times, but students need to be reminded, because without the mind and body connection there is no presence in their practice. Therefore, teachers need to remember that Pranayama techniques are a very important ingredient in creating a connection between mind and body, which results in presence.

Non-judgment of oneself, and others, helps Yoga students create self-awareness without competition. This is a unique mindset for many people, who come into the Yoga studio from work and commuter traffic. Competition is outside the Yoga class, but it should never be allowed to exist, within the walls of your Yoga studio.

Yoga students need to be reminded of this, in each class, for their mental health, emotional health, and physical safety. The result is a calm mind and an Asana practice without injury. Every student should leave our classes feeling better than when he, or she, came through the doors.

We have briefly touched on Pranayama, but students need to remember to breathe completely and deeply, throughout the session. As teachers, it is easy to forget what comes naturally. Yet, most people are rarely conscious of their breathing, unless they are reminded of it.

If you teach Asanas in your classes; students need to be aware of their “comfort zone” and their “edge.” The comfort zone is self-explanatory, but we know it as a range of motion without pain.

The edge is the range where we are at our physical limit, but we are still not in pain. The saying: “Work smart, not hard,” applies to the edge of the movement. Student safety is priority number one, in all Yoga classes.

At the same time, your students should be reminded that the Yogic path is full of discoveries and treasures, which will help them with their inner challenges. They learn from us, but they also learn within.

Self-discovery is a rewarding part of Yoga practice. So, they should be encouraged to develop a safe practice at home and to take Yoga with them where ever they go. As any Yoga teacher already knows: Our practice does not end, when we roll up our Yoga mats.

© Copyright 2008 – Paul Jerard / Aura Publications

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