By Sanjeev Patel, CYT

Sitting Yoga postures are valuable exercises in themselves – limbering the legs, hips, and pelvis, strengthening the back and improving posture. They provide a solid sitting position for practicing breath (Pranayama) control and meditation.

Diamond Posture (Vajrasana) – ‘Vajra’ means diamond. The body is rigid, as a diamond, in this posture. This is a basic posture for transitioning into many other asanas and meditation. Sit in the Dandasana (Staff) posture. Place the palms on the floor near the thighs. Supporting your weight on the right palm, bend the left leg at the knee and pull the ankle under the left buttock. Do the same with the right leg, by supporting the body weight on the left palm.

The toes point backwards, and towards the ground, while space is kept between the ankles. It relaxes your kneecaps, knees, ankles and feet, improves digestion, and reduces gas. This asana is said to relieve sciatica pain. Vajrasana is also a medicinal posture. If done for 10 minutes, after a full meal, Vajrasana relieves heaviness in the stomach, due to overeating. Breathing is practiced calmly and slowly.

Hero’s Pose (Veerasana) – This asana balances the mind, increases the power of concentration, allows more awareness of the unconscious realms, and induces physical and mental relaxation quickly. The thinking process becomes very clear and precise. It is useful for those who think too much or who have disturbed or uncontrollable thoughts. It is very good for the kidneys, liver, reproductive, and abdominal organs.

Sit in Vajrasana. Raise the right knee, and place the right foot flat on the floor, beside the inside of the left knee. Put the right elbow on the right knee, and rest the chin on the palm of the right hand. Make sure to close your eyes and relax. Keep the body completely motionless and your spine and head straight. Repeat with the left foot placed beside the right knee. Breathing should be done slowly and deeply.

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