yoga posture

How to Spot Injury-Prone Students

In this video Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 from Aura Wellness Center covers: Watching a student's posture, balance, how competitive they are, focus, physical condition, and if they are locking their joins. All which are contributors to injury. Paying close attention to these attributes will avoid student injury.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Two Simple Seated Yoga Postures

Sitting Yoga postures are valuable exercises in themselves - limbering the legs, hips, and pelvis, strengthening the back and improving posture. They provide a solid sitting position for practicing breath (Pranayama) control and meditation.

Office Yoga: Four Physical Techniques for Corporate Yoga

If you are limited to the confines of your cubicle for space, you can still take care of your back, release muscle tension, and get some circulation into your legs with office Yoga. There are many office Yoga postures (asanas), and Yogic exercises, to perform, but here are a four that will help you during the work day.

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