Kids Yoga PracticeBy Kimaya Singh

There is a growing need for Yoga teachers who work with children. Most kids who are learning Yoga enjoy it because it allows them to move around and to use their imagination. There are several Yoga poses for kids; which teaches them to be imaginative and to have fun.

One pose that kids enjoy is the tree pose. This pose requires the child to start out standing. They would then press the bottom of one foot on the inside of their other leg or thigh making sure not to press against the knee joint.

They would then find a motionless focal point once they’ve managed to get their balance. They would try to keep the knee on the lifted leg pointed outward. Once they feel balanced, they would be instructed to raise their arms to the sky. They enjoy letting their arms sway back and forth as if they are a tree in a forest being swayed by a breeze. This pose should be practiced on each side for 20 to 30 seconds.

Many Yoga pose names are based on idea of making the body resemble objects or animals. Another pose that does this and that kids enjoy is the cat pose. The children would start out on the hands and knees. They would then raise their spine upward forming an arch like that of an angry cat. This pose can be reversed into the cow pose by letting the belly move toward the floor with the chin and tailbone lifting toward the ceiling.

Kids can also do the wheel pose. This pose requires the child to hold a backbend which builds confidence in kids as well as adults. However, kids are less hesitant than adults to do a backbend although they are much more flexible.

To begin this pose, the child must start with their back on the floor with palms on the floor and fingertips pointed towards their feet. Hands are next to the head and knees are hip-width apart and feet are flat on the floor. They support their weight with the hands and feet while lifting with the crown of the head. They will then come up off the head into a wheel shape with the belly lifting upward and the body arched forming a wheel shape. To get out of this pose, the child should reverse the directions.

Children love pretending that they are different animals or other objects. Yoga will teach them to use their imagination while having fun at the same time. Compassionate Yoga teachers are in demand at schools, kids clubs, and day care centers around the world.

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