yoga for kids

Yoga Poses for Kids

Many Yoga pose names are based on idea of making the body resemble objects or animals. Another pose that does this and that kids enjoy is the cat pose. The children would start out on the hands and knees. They would then raise their spine upward forming an arch like that of an angry cat.

Yoga and its Relation to Children’s Health

Learning yoga techniques early prepare the child to lead a more balanced existence and a more gentle presence. I started teaching my daughter yoga from the age of 3 , she can now complete many asanas and currently now at 3 3/4 her favourites are little Buddha; Butterfly; Tree; Warrior, Cat and Dog.

Your Path – After You Become a Yoga Teacher

Many Yoga teacher interns have different reasons why they seek out an initial 200 hour Level 1 training course. After teaching classes for a while, some experienced teachers are looking to teach students who have much in common with them. For example: The teacher who is very fit is often looking to teach students who are athletes.

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