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Kids Yoga games make classes fun. As children get older, it is still important to keep yoga interesting and fun for them. If they have been attending yoga class since they were a preschooler, many of the poses and philosophies are probably well known. This makes it a bit easier to play interactive games with the students. The yoga instructor can then focus on proper form and philosophy a bit more than with younger kids.

Sea Shells 

Divide the room in half, designating one side as the “Sea,” and the other as the “Shore.” Designate a movement to do around the both areas, such as skipping, hopping, or running. When the instructor calls, “Sea!” or “Shore!” All the kids must go to that area as quickly as possible. When the yoga instructor calls, “Seashells!” the children must perform a yoga pose. Children can also take turns being the caller.

Swami Says

This game is modeled after the popular children’s game, “Simon Says.” Choose one student to be the “Swami.” All of the other children should spread out, facing the Swami. The Swami then calls out various yoga poses by saying, “Swami says perform downward dog pose.” When the Swami chooses, he or she may eliminate the “Swami says,” part of the phrase. Children should then stay in their current pose and disregard the order.

Body Chalkboard

Allow children to connect with their bodies with this sensory game. In partners, children sit one in front of the other, facing the same direction, in a comfortable, cross-legged position. The student in the back will be the “drawer,” while the one in front is acting as the “chalkboard.” The drawer then writes a short word on the back of his or her partner, who must guess the word. Variations include drawing pictures, writing a complete word-by-word message, or just writing individual letters. After a set time, students should switch roles. They can also use other body parts as the chalkboard, like the soles of the feet, palms, or stomach.

Five Good Moments

Teach children to focus on the positive things in life by encouraging them to pick five good things about the day to share with the class – Encourage them to focus on the beauty around them or a small moment of gratitude. Even if they had a fairly bad day, this yoga game will help them find the positive in a sea of negativity. Instructors may have to do a lot of modeling at the onset of the game by giving examples, like, “I’m grateful for the beautiful waterfall I saw on the way to class today,” or “The cashier at the store smiled at me today.”

Kids Yoga Games

In summary, to fully experience their classes and carry the valuable life skills with them, Kids Yoga games will help them retain each lesson. If we want our children to achieve in life, there has to be some down time for having fun and just being a kid.

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