become a certified yoga instructorBy: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed 

The New Year is upon us and with every New Year many of us make resolutions to better our lives and ourselves. In these swiftly changing times, it is said that the frequency of energy that surrounds us in increasing. With an increase in vibrational energy and light, many of us are being challenged to let go of old habits and beliefs that dim our own light. One of the most common habits that are dimming is carrying around excess weight and eating an unhealthy diet. 

A regular practice of Yoga, three or more times a week, will help to support a practitioner to drop excess pounds and tune into the innate wisdom of his or her own body, including the optimal type of nourishment the body desires. There are many different types of Yoga. Some Yogic kramas, or sequences, are geared towards restoration and relaxation. Other sequences are very strengthening and energizing. Teaching quick-moving Power Yoga classes will help your students to increase their metabolism, burn calories and improve muscular strength. 

Ashtanga classes are so physically challenging, this type of Yoga is a great support for students who want to drop a few extra pounds or even a substantial amount of weight. When you are teaching Power Yoga classes, it is important that you instruct your students in correct alignment principals so that they can avoid injuring themselves. During an Ashtanga class, the poses are linked together by quickly flowing through the movements of the Sun Salutation, including Downward Facing Dog, Plank Pose and Upward Facing Dog. If a student does not maintain correct alignment in these postures, he or she is more prone to injury. 

In order to lead your students through a vigorous and safe Power Yoga class, you may wish to demonstrate the basic poses of the Sun Salutation prior to practicing the asanas, especially the transitions between postures. As your students are practicing, circulating throughout the room to check on each individual’s postural alignment and gently correcting any misalignment will further ensure that your students will positively benefit from taking an energizing Power Yoga class. With a regular practice of Power Yoga classes several times a week, your students will be strongly supported in reaching their weight loss goals for the year.

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