yoga teacher training intensive courseBy Kimaya Singh

Life can certainly be stressful at times. It seems that we are always on the go, always trying to juggle multiple things at once. Family, work, and school are just a few of the responsibilities that most people deal with on a regular basis. Worrying about financial obligations or health issues are also common contributors to high stress levels. All of that takes a toll on us. Today, more than ever, it seems as if people are constantly in states of high anxiety or even depression. Practicing Yoga might be a viable and healthy way to decrease stress and lower one’s blood pressure while strengthening the body. It is a form of mental and physical exercise that can be both invigorating and calming. A Yoga training session helps us to focus on what is going on around us in a more constructive manner.

Exercise is a natural way to help the body release endorphins and therefore enhance our mood. It can also contribute to good cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels. Many people don’t associate all of those benefits with going to a Yoga school, but it is most definitely a viable form of exercise that has numerous benefits. One of the reasons for this is that there are many different forms of Yogic exercise that range from physically gentle to intense. People who may want to focus more on quieting the mind may find themselves drawn to a form of low-impact Hatha Yoga, where they will move slowly, while holding poses and engage in mindful meditation. People who crave a higher endorphin boost to feel better (or who may want a challenging fitness level) may want to try Power Yoga. That is a very intense form of fitness Yoga that is great for strength training and physical conditioning, but does not incorporate much meditation, if any.

There are numerous reasons why people take up Yoga, and one of the most common is that they want to get into better shape. However, Yoga is much more than a form of exercise; it is an important tool for strengthening the mind and body connection. That connection is what allows us to promote better healing within us as well as decrease anxiety levels. Taking the time to engage in Yoga training that helps to promote inner peace will certainly pay off for years to come.

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