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In northern locations, this year was a brutal winter for most and spring seemed far away. I know when the weather gets frigid cold, I begin to lumber around like an old bear, in search of my hibernation spot for the winter. I accomplish less, and rev up slowly as an old car might on a frosty morning.

Then that first day of spring comes. You know; that first warm day when the sky opens up into the vivid blueness that brings people pouring out of their homes, just so they can turn their faces upward and smile.

What If…

I feel guilty that I was neglecting my practice a bit this winter, but the first sign of spring has me anxious to get back into my program. I have been thinking about ways I can jump start back into my yoga routine.

Taking It Outside

It has been a long winter in the house. I cannot wait to get outside for a dose of vitamin D and some fresh air. Some studios offer monthly full moon meditation or yoga events once the weather turns warmer, and I will definitely be on board for some warm evenings outside.

Going Vegetarian for Two Weeks

As spring emerges, the availability of local organic produce begins to appear at the local farmers market. Fresh fruit smoothies and crunchy raw salad are great fuel for the body. This is the perfect time of year to detoxify and start my springtime yoga with a clear head and body.

Trying Something New

Spring is a time for rebirth and newness. I am thinking about exploring something I have not tried before. It could be fun to check out aerial yoga or join a meditation group.

Spring Cleaning

Getting rid of clutter can also aid in a physical feeling of lightness. It seems constructive to use this time to clear out my house of unneeded junk. Too much stuff takes up valuable time that I could be devoting to my practice.

Writing Some New Mantras

Mantras are a good way to change mindsets and lose negative emotions. I plan to leave the negativity behind with the bland winter and burst into spring full of positive thoughts by writing some mantras that will lighten my mood.

This is how I will leap into spring and get my yoga practice back on track. If you have had the winter blahs, I hope some of these tips will be useful.

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