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Technology has placed us in an environment that operates at such a rapid pace that we often feel like we are spinning out of control. The world is highly competitive, and this constant push to keep up and stay ahead can provoke anger to build inside of us until we feel like a pressure cooker about to blow. 

If you need to let your steam release slowly and evenly, instead of blowing your top forcefully and powerfully, you may want to try yoga. Yoga implements a combination of techniques, which combine beautifully as an effective anger coping mechanism. 

Physical: Physical activity is a great outlet for relieving anger. A good workout stimulates various brain chemicals that create a happier and more relaxed state of mind. An energetic Vinyasa sequence is a perfect remedy to get your anger under control. 

Meditation: Anger and stress often get difficult to manage as the mind becomes too loaded down with worry about what has happened in the past or could happen in the future. The meditation time in your yoga class will aid in organizing your thoughts and helping you to stay focused in the present moment. 

Pranayama: Just breathe. A simple deep breath is extremely effective in releasing anger slowly. The breathing techniques that you learn in yoga class can get you through tense moments throughout the day. Anger often leads to short, shallow breathing. Stop for a moment and practice deep diaphragm breathing. This slow breathing process will lower your blood pressure and calm you instantly. 

Chanting: The mantras you learn in yoga class can help you to refocus when anger begins to build. By chanting “Aum” or any mantra in a deep monotone voice, you create a vibration to your brain. This will shift your focus and generate a calming action. You may also construct your own special anger mantras that use positive soothing words to coach you into a better frame of mind. 

It is important to remember that anger is a normal human emotion, which many people are able to manage. It becomes a problem when it leads to inappropriate aggressive behavior. If you find your anger often resulting in rage, then you should find these techniques very useful as a means of regaining control.

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