Anger Management

About Yoga for Releasing Anger

If you need to let your steam release slowly and evenly, instead of blowing your top forcefully and powerfully, you may want to try yoga. Yoga implements a combination of techniques, which combine beautifully as an effective anger coping mechanism.

About Yoga Training and Releasing Anger

Another view holds that expressing fury prevents the emotion from festering inside. While anger can be beneficial in certain ways - perhaps alerting us to where we need to speak up, take care of ourselves or protect another who might be harmed -- it still needs proper expression. Exploding and shouting whenever we're angry is hardly ideal, and it could become a habit that serves no one but the angry person.

The Yogic Approach to Anger Management for Children

How can Yoga help children find their way through this confusing path we call: “life?” What if my child is not attracted to Yoga? How can my child learn to communicate his or her feelings to me, even in the worst of times? Let’s discuss Yoga, as an approach to anger management, for children and teens.

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