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According to Yoga Journal Survey conducted in late 2012, the number of people who practiced yoga had increased to 20.4 million and those enthusiastic about yoga spent about $10.3 billion a year on yoga classes, educational material, vacations, and clothing. While there are no surveys to assess the current growth of yoga in 2014, it is probably reasonable to assume that the numbers of those interested in taking yoga classes is still within the millions and the industry is still within the billion-dollar range. Essentially, then, those interested in transforming from students to teachers are pursuing a vocation that is in high demand and that can earn a person a very good living.

These numbers should inspire you to consider yoga an excellent business model. When you have this perception, they you will be able to confidently go about finding a job as a yoga instructor.

With that in mind, here are five ways to find yoga jobs as a teacher:

1. Build A Professional Kit

You will only need three things in your job-hunting kit: a cover letter, a resume, and a thank you letter.

The purpose of the cover letter is to briefly introduce yourself so that prospective employers will look at your resume. After they look at your resume, they may decide to call you in for an interview. After the interview, you should send them the thank you letter for inviting you to the interview. These three documents should be generic in nature; they should be templates that outline the ideas that you wish to communicate. Then, when you need to deploy them, customize them to fit your particular job application.

There are three ways to build this kit. The first is to do it yourself, assuming that you have an idea of how to do it or are willing to study the conventions used to create these kinds of documents. The second is to ask someone who is quite expert at creating these three types of documents. The third is to hire a professional writer or agency to do the work for you. There is no one best choice: it depends on your time, talent, budget, and resources.

Once you have your professional kit in place, send it everywhere you can, finding jobs posted online and in local newspapers.

2. The Insider Technique

Another way to get a job is to visit places where people are hiring. This could be fitness studios, yoga studios, spas and so on. If possible join one or more of these health-oriented establishments and build a relationship with the owners and patents. Naturally, you should want to join these places for the benefits they offer you, rather than merely as a way to meet someone who might know someone who needs someone just like you. This way, even if nothing happens, you will not feel that you are wasting your time by being there. Also, when using this method continue to use the other job-hunting methods as well.

3. The Direct Route

Simply use job boards online for yoga studio and visit local yoga studios. Also consider dropping in on other places that might hire yoga instructors—like gyms, spas, and other health or fitness related businesses.


Remember it’s a numbers game. The more you ask the more you are likely to succeed. Ultimately, you just need one win. So it doesn’t matter how many people say no. You just need to find that one person who will say yes.

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