Yoga FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

By Megha Brahmankar What is Yoga? Is yoga a religion? Has it been "proved" that Yoga is good for you? What are the benefits of yoga? When should a patient take Yoga Treatment? Which are the diseases that can be cured by Yoga? How many styles of yoga are there? Will yoga help me to [...]

Why is Teaching Yoga so Rewarding? Part 1

Teaching any style of Yoga is akin to practicing Jnana Yoga, (Union through knowledge), even if you are a Hatha Yoga teacher. How can I state this? Yoga knowledge is infinite and the pursuit of Yogic knowledge is a daily task. Continuing education is an integral part of every Yoga teacher's life.

Yoga Teachers, Prepare for the New Year’s Rush – Part 1

By Paul Jerard The doors will fly open on January 2nd with enthusiastic mobs of Yoga students. What can you do to prepare for the busiest stretch of the year? How can you keep their interest all year long? If there was ever a time to clean up your Yoga studio or health club, now [...]

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