dr. rita khannaBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

The call for us to teach Yoga often starts with a vision from within. This vision of becoming a Yoga teacher is not something that someone else told us to see. We have been systematically trained to ignore our intuition and trust outside resources. This makes focusing on what we internally visualize difficult.

As children, we are often taught to forget our dreams. As time passes, we are taught to be practical and logical. Sometimes, the result is a young adult who is cynical, at best, because of all the emphasis placed on past failures. Nothing will stifle innovation, and creativity, better than to focus on your past setbacks.

Internal focus on past failures becomes the mindset of pessimism. Luckily, you have control of your mind to influence it toward positive thoughts. If you know a group of people who exist in the “Dark Ages” of pessimism – you realize the difficulty in changing a collective mindset. You probably need a “breath of fresh air,” as well.

With that said, do you really want to ignore your intuition? Do you want to abandon your dreams? Do you want to live a life that someone else has demanded you live? There is a reasonable compromise between what is logical and what you envision. Some people believe they will have to give up their job for a month. Who will provide for their children, while they are away?

If you want to become a Yoga teacher, it does not have to be difficult. You can be a provider, live at home, and participate in a self-paced correspondence course at the same time. Some of these training programs are designed with unlimited Email and telephone support. In fact, you are not required to leave home with some online Yoga teacher training courses.

What about job changes? If you currently have a job that has great benefits and it pays well, you can stay with your employer while teaching Yoga as a part-time instructor. Life can be taken in gradual steps, with much less financial risk to you or your family.

As a part-time Yoga teacher, you can enjoy the best of life. You can see where this journey will guide you. At some point, in the future, you might decide to visit an on-site intensive, a seminar, teach full-time, or become a registered Yoga teacher. All of these goals are fine, but life does not happen in an instant.

It is true that we are programmed to think everything must take place in “the blink of an eye.” Yet, we have a life to live every day. Sometimes, our dreams are put on hold, but we can study, improve, and practice, each day. The journey to teach Yoga classes starts with study toward certification. The path of teaching Yoga has many steps. Remember: A teacher is a student for life.

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