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As of late there have been a series of thoughts that I have felt compelled to share with you. Permit me a few moments of your precious time to give you the things that have been on my mind. This is a little philosophical, but perhaps entertaining all the same.

In teaching others there are lessons that one teacher hopes to convey to their student. In fitness, self-defense, Yoga, and most of the physical realm that I’m involved in- many lines of teaching and learning are the same. However a great epiphany has recently happened and I’m embracing it 100%- it is the road to mastery. We’ll get to that shortly.

The very best teachers I have been around have a great gift to not only understand their own craft on such a level of mastery- they also teach you something about life. Being student-minded when we learn allows the flood gates to open wide and to potentially allow the deeper lessons to be realized. I’m not talking about how to perform proper biceps curls, or execute a self-defense move, or how to do triangle pose in Yoga. I’m talking about being a spiritual student.

By listening to the intentions of the teacher, observing the example of the instructor, one can learn far beyond the monetary lessons they (the student) are there for. Be slow to judge and learn to observe ‘everything’.

My recent quest in devouring the knowledge of Yoga has left me almost always having to go back into fierce introspection- to fulfill the desired effect to the students attending. This trait is teaching me to do the same with the martial arts and in fitness coaching. As a result, there is a development of real friends among my clients. True relationships formed and human potential is being realized. Support, acceptance, allowing the ego to fail, patience, all temper: assertion, focus, and the drive to be better.

I am convinced that Real Mastery or the title of it: belongs to the teacher who wants more for their students than they want for themselves. It’s no different for a parent who wants more for their children- the same here. Yet, I have watched with great amusement the aggrandizing of skills and abilities that only the master is able to perform, yet is unwilling to share the essential elements of ‘life’ to help the student understand their potential. I mean, is it any secret that the real answers are not going to come from the teachers skills but rather the dialogue-(from the teacher) that points the student in the direction to find their own path?!

In this highly competitive, ego-centric environment we live in I can think of fewer, more important things that cultivate the personal growth of a person than sincerity, and honesty from a respected teacher to their students. This has been evident over the last few months. Where Karmic Law has dictated that same level of return 10 fold= positive intentions come back to you.

Steve Atlas is the owner of Atlas Training Systems in Spokane, WA. For 15 years he has devoted his life to helping others reach their potential in various physical activities: personal training, self-defence/martial arts, cycling, Yoga, etc,. With Degrees in Sports Medicine (B.Sc.), and Kinesiology (M.Sc.)- Steve has accented his education with nine national certified accreditations, and has earned Full Instructorship in Continuous Movement Martial Arts, and a third degree black belt from Datu Kelly Worden’s Natural Spirit International. Currently Steve is pursuing Paul Jerard’s (E-RYT) Vinyasa Teacher accreditation from Aura Wellness Center and hopes to continue to inspire, lift others, and be a student of light.

“We must continue to learn, apply, and walk the path to find our true purpose”- Steve Atlas

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