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The inner journey of Kundalini Yoga is filled with resplendence, terror, beauty, dissolution, and ultimately, great joy and well-being. Kundalini Yoga is based on a philosophical system known as Kashmir Shaivism. Kashmir Shaivism is a tantric branch of Hinduism. Lord Shiva, himself, is believed to have been the very first Yoga teacher, or Guru, of the Kundalini style. The word, Guru, itself, means the light that banishes the darkness of ignorance. The inner experiences of Kundalini Yoga are transformative and alchemical in nature.

Through the grace of a true Guru, and the regular practice of Kundalini techniques, it is believed that the divine Kundalini Shakti energy is awakened from her slumber and rises up through all seven chakras. The chakras are energy vortexes in the subtle energy body. Each chakra has different attributes, and as the Kundalini Shakti ascends through each chakra, different powers, or siddhis, may be activated. Some of the more well-known siddhis are: clairvoyance and the power of manifestation of material objects, such as sacred ash.

The classic path, that the Kundalini Shakti travels, is said to be from the Muladhara Chakra, located at the fourth vertebrae at the base of the spine – all the way up to the Sahasrara Chakra at the crown of the head. As Kundalini Shakti rises, each chakra is pierced, awakened, cleansed, and activated. The practice raising shakti helps to strengthen the endocrine and nervous systems, as well as a Yogi’s mental understanding and ability to integrate the release of the Kundalini energy.

As the Kundalini Shakti ascends through each chakra, not only are siddhis activated, but also memories (sometimes difficult and traumatic) are brought to the forefront of our consciousness. The understanding, resolution, and integration of these memories are also an important part of the inner emotional journey of Kundalini Yoga.

The interior mystical experiences of Kundalini practice range from resplendent lights, to beautiful visions of other realms of existence, the darshan of divine beings, nectar flowing down the back of your throat, and an experience of the primordial un-struck sound of the essence of the universe. These are only some of the inner experiences of Kundalini practitioners. It is optimal to practice Kundalini techniques under the guidance of an enlightened Yoga instructor.

The awakening of the Kundalini Shakti ultimately brings an experience of pure divine love, joy, and knowledge. There are many wonderful and daunting inner experiences, along the pathway of initiation, through the practice of Kundalini Yoga techniques. 

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