corporate yogaDr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

How is Yoga working its way through the corporate sector? It is sad but true: The world is in a recession. As a direct result of this, the “lucky” people, who have jobs, are now logging an increased number of hours. Though this workload may be bringing in more money, it can also bring in a multitude of health problems. Numerous studies have shown higher workloads cause higher levels of stress, neck, shoulder, and back problems (many of which are long term), and even a higher risk of deadly blood clots to those people chained to a desk. More forward thinking companies have become aware of these risks and have instilled office Yoga programs to better the lives of their employees.

Practicing Yoga in the corporate world has a great number of benefits, both for the employer and the employee. Yogic methods increase the health of employees by easing strain on their bodies, thus there is less sick leave and the need for the use of medical benefits. Yogic exercise also decreases stress and anxiety within the minds of workers, creating a positive work atmosphere where ideas flow more freely and productivity is increased. Practicing postures (asanas), Yogic breathing (pranayama), and meditation together also brings a better community of workers as they are brought closer together by the unity of classes.

Incorporating Yogic techniques into a workplace is not necessarily as difficult as it may seem. There are many companies now that offer a variation of  a “Yoga-on-call” service to offices. Hiring a competent Yoga teacher is a good option for many companies. The practice of Yoga does not need to take much time out of the day—just a fifteen minute office Yoga training session can do wonders. When you think about the boosted mood, increased productivity, and decreased sick time, the time taken aside for sessions seems well worth it.

Teaching Yoga in a corporate setting is much different than teaching a private class. Many private classes are separated by the specific of a client.  In contrast corporate Yoga sessions will probably have a mixture of beginning and experienced students. Classes are also offered to people who make the choice to begin or maintain a Yogic practice.  In a corporate setting it might be mandatory and there might be some people resistant to it. A patient attitude and detailed instructions will be required for teachers in these settings.

In the rapidly changing corporate world, which fills our time with rising work hours, Yogic practices could be a major solution by creating healthier workers. Whether you are teaching Yoga sessions for office workers or incorporating Yogic exercise into your own office setting, you are boosting the health of others while creating a better and brighter future for the world’s work force.

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