power yoga certificationBy Gopi Rao

Regular exercise helps to build strength and stability in our muscles. Cardiovascular activity helps to strengthen our hearts and therefore, our bodies. Power Yoga combines the concepts of strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system. Although strength training is very important, cardiovascular workouts can help take our fitness levels to higher levels. They can help to burn calories and build endurance levels. Walking and running are just two of the many examples of cardiovascular exercises. The cardiovascular benefits of Power Yoga include the ability to burn calories, improving the mind-body connection and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Power Yoga differs greatly from other types of Yoga. It is definitely more physically intense than most of the fitness Yoga styles, but the intensity is more focused on the body instead of the mind or internal emotions. Although chanting is considered normal during some types of Yoga practices, it is rarely done in Power Yoga. The workouts also vary greatly from class to class. Power Yoga can be a great supplement to a strength-training program or it can be a powerful workout on its own. Another benefit to Power Yoga is that it can elevate body temperature, which is something that has been associated with having a calming effect on people’s emotions.

Studies have also shown that regular exercise helps to release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that our bodies produce that can elevate mood and overall well being, therefore helping to decrease depression. Regular Power Yoga practice might also be able to help reduce anxiety because that is yet another benefit to cardiovascular exercise. And of course, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease is yet another benefit to regular exercise.

The cardiovascular benefits of Power Yoga can include a stronger heart, decreased levels of anxiety and depression and the strengthening of the entire body through an intense workout. Sessions are generally at least an hour long, with some sessions stretching to 90 minutes. Your body might be sore after the first few sessions, but with regular practice strength and flexibility will prevail, leading to better overall fitness levels. If you are interested in a full-body workout that will challenge you and help you to get into better shape, Power Yoga is definitely a great option to look into.  Instructors who wish to teach a fitness based style should seriously consider Power Yoga teacher training.

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