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Someone who plans to attend a partner yoga class has a unique experience to look forward to. In a partner yoga class, students pair up to perform each of the yoga poses. Partners help one another to receive relaxation and enjoyment from a pose. A person walking into a partner yoga session will discover a few things.

First, a person can enjoy partner yoga with almost anyone. Friends, spouses, and siblings are common pairings for a partner yoga class. Oftentimes, a couple will sign up for the yoga class together. However, if a person doesn’t have a partner, a yoga teacher may offer to pair him or her up with another student. It’s a wise idea for a student without a partner to let the instructor know before the class begins.

Bonding in a Partner Yoga Session

Next, a partner class helps improve the communication between partners. For instance, in a shoulder and elbow stretch one partner is helping the other achieve just the right amount of stretch. In this pose, partners must communicate with one another to ensure that the stretch is comfortable. If partners practice communication, they will be aware of one another’s needs and receive the most benefit from the yoga class.

A pair who is participating in a partner yoga session should expect to re-examine the issue of trust. Some yoga poses require one partner to trust the other for physical support. Other poses require a lot of cooperation between partners. A husband and wife taking a partner yoga class may learn to trust one another more as well as communicate better. Furthermore, two friends may become closer after successfully learning a difficult partner yoga pose. If an individual has more experience with yoga than his or her partner, then trust will come into play on both sides.

Finally, pairs who join a partner class can enjoy a way to relieve stress together. For example, two friends who work in high-pressure careers may commit to a partner yoga session once a week. The acts of sharing the poses, stretching, and meditating will likely bring them closer as they release the week’s stresses. Alternatively, new parents may want to share a yoga class in order to reconnect after a baby is born as well as relish some quiet time. After a relaxing partner yoga experience, many pairs want to spend even more time together nurturing their relationship.

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