Useful Yoga Tips Before Spring

When the dormant winter season comes to a close for the year, your body is ready for action, and it wants to draw upon the accumulated energy of winter. To help your body prepare for spring, you can combine meaningful yoga movements with thought and a cleansing diet.

Yoga of the Heart: Cultivating Loving Kindness

The practice of regarding all living creatures with compassion and respect elevates spirituality beyond one's own self-interest. However, many of us forget the importance of being compassionate with ourselves. Without self-love, it is difficult to truly love those around us. Additionally, a lack of self-love can sabotage our ability to take care of ourselves, which will hamper our ability to truly uplift those we love.

Yoga for a Better Relationship

Yoga is often a great way to concentrate on things happening now instead of the future. This is important because the future is something that doesn't always go according to plan. Issues need to be dealt with one day at a time. Thinking about the future can put pressure on a relationship, which can lead to a problem that could have been avoided.

Can Yoga Help You Change?

One of the physical benefits that come along with daily yoga practice is the ability to manage stress better. Learning proper breathing techniques allows individuals to take control over their thoughts and not let the small stuff bother them. Reducing stress and anxiety helps reduce risks of various cardiovascular ailments such as heart attack and stroke.

Yoga and Mastering Intuition

The time after practice is most important because you are applying the practical applications of yoga toward your life. Use your senses to see, hear, smell, touch and taste, after your intuition building session.

Cultivating Gratitude Through Yoga

Yoga reveals an entire world in which to be grateful - Starting with our yoga instructor and our classmates and moving on to our friends and families. Ultimately, yoga helps us to understand that even those who we consider strangers offer us something to be grateful for.

The Yogic Art of Living

The art of living a happy life requires a spiritual practice. For many people, Yoga is the answer. Yogic philosophy shares common truths with all of the world’s great teachings, which leads some to believe that many of today's universal laws of morality stem to some degree from Yogic philosophy

The Benefits of Yoga and Spirituality

You may hear of people who have done Yoga and did not like it and prefer another, more athletic activity, such as running or tennis. However, when was the last time you heard someone say, "I do not like Yoga because it encourages and inspires negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings." The answer is probably never, because Yoga strives to inspire the opposite reaction.

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