Yoga – A Philosophy Of Body And Mind

This is truly an art form of exercise that is much more than a fad. In whatever manner current yoga students, teachers etc. happened to stumble upon the wonderful philosophy of yoga - the philosophy of combining the sciences of a type of exercise which connects the physical as well as the mental components of the individual - their collective praise of it is virtually always consistent. This is a type of exercise that can truly improve your life overall! If you are trying to decide what sort of exercise will be best for you, consider yoga - and you may never turn back.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Ethics and Professionalism for Yoga Teachers

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 Any time you are sitting at the front of the Yoga class, in a teaching capacity, your role must fit comfortably into Yoga teacher / Yoga student relationship guidelines. This concept of "role playing" is a difficult transition for any Yoga intern, regardless of past experience. It is one thing [...]

Mommy and Me Yoga – Benefits for Life

Mommy and Me Yoga classes will contain many of the following aspects: Yoga music, kids music, singing, basic Pranayama, coloring books, theme Yoga classes, Asanas, mixing dance movement with Yoga, drawing with crayons, story telling, Yoga games, focusing drills, relaxation techniques, meditation, and lots of fun.

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