Stage by Stage Relaxation

How to Close Your Vinyasa Yoga Classes

My own teachers have always ended my Vinyasa classes with relaxations postures to slowly allow the body to rest. Following any Yoga flow the body enjoys the chance to “observe” the difference in the body from before the posture flow began and the end. This method is something I give to my own students. When nearing the end of a class I will use Wind relieving pose, to squeeze internal organs and allow the digestive process to improve, giving the student a great stretch in the hips and legs as well.

Teaching Students about Yoga Relaxation

Experienced Yoga students have great difficulty learning to train the mind through meditation, if they have not learned to relax their minds. There are many forms of relaxation in Yoga classes. At the Aura Yoga teacher training, interns learn stage-by-stage, body scanning, and visualization.

Teaching Yoga – Stage by Stage Relaxation

Every Yoga teacher training course should break down the meditation process for teaching beginners into building blocks. This enables teachers to take the average person from relaxation and transcend into higher forms of meditation as each stage of training the mind is mastered. It's one thing for interns to understand how to clam their minds. It's quite another matter to take people off the street and enable them to train their minds.

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