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Increasing Agni in your Yoga Class: Side Plank Pose

Springtime is upon us, and for many Yoga practitioners who live in areas that experience long winters, the increasing light and warmth of this season is very welcome. Just like the seasons in temperate climate zones, there are also different types of Yoga practices. Some practices are cooling, and other sequences of asanas are quite warming. For example, practices that are cooling and restorative are Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Teaching Yoga to Students Recovering from Surgery or Living with Chronic Illness: Reclining Healing Meditation

This meditation is wonderful to do lying down, ensconced in blankets and supported by a Yoga bolster under the knees. Before beginning the Reclining Healing Meditation, it is recommended that you ask your students if they need a bolster or an extra blanket.

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