limb of Yoga

Teaching Yoga – Pranayama for Self-Realization

Yoga cannot be summed up in one photo session or one book. Humans often make hasty judgments about subjects. This enables us to quickly sort, classify, and file ideas, in a specific order, so that we may retrieve them easily. The only problem is that we may not have gone beyond the surface layer of our filing system.

First Limb of Yoga: The Fourth Yama – Brahmacharya

This is not an excuse to over indulge in everything, either. Even good foods can be consumed to excess. For example: We often hear that olive oil is good for you because of the Omega 6 value. This is true, but if we use it to excess, you will notice our waist lines expand rapidly. Salmon is good for Omega 3 value, but have you seen how quickly bears can gain size while eating a salmon rich diet? Too much of anything is not good. It all comes back to moderation in every avenue of life.

Ahimsa – First Yama, First Limb

Unfortunately, history has documented far too many holocausts for us to ignore the right to defend oneself. To be humble on the outside, but bold within, is a much safer course when you plan your day. When you put your best foot forward, most people will respect you for it, but beware of those who see your good manners and kindness as a sign of weakness.

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